It's all about images, the energy and the drama.  The shapes and reflections of nature, architecture and quirky items that evoke memories and celebrations.  Theatrical moments capturing professional performers and the personal moments during special occasions.  The through line is a constant awareness of the viewer - seeing images through their eyes with her own unique perspective.

Spotlights Photography has several specialties. Lianne creates hand-crafted note cards, mounting individual photos on textured card stock.  They are available individually for $5 or $20 for a box of 5. Look at the selection of images under the "Note Cards" menu and send a note via the "Contact" link if you are interested in ordering.  Please note that this website does not allow me to sell my handmade cards online.

Lianne has over 10 years experience as a performance photographer.  She knows her way around the stage, having dabbled in theater as an actor, singer and dancer, but her ongoing passion has been photography - capturing those "moments" during performance that tell the story.  She will often see a show multiple times and much of her best work is done during tech / dress rehearsals.  Knowing the production intimately and being able to shoot without fear of disturbing the audience enables her to capture an intimacy that is impossible during a more traditional photo shoot.  Her energy and love of theater and the performing arts are palpable in her photos.  She is also available to do reasonably priced head shots.  Her style of shooting is less formal than some, bringing out energy and individuality.

Lastly but not least, Lianne will capture the moments at your informal events both professional and personal. Capturing the VIPs  or the important family members, as well as the spirit of the event, allowing the host or hostess to concentrate on hosting.  

We hope to hear from you!